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Elemental Presence

A work by Daniela Brill Estrada.

Elemental Presence: Studies on Carbon, Sand, River Water and Microorganisms is a co-creation with the sea and the river Mira

Is caring for everything based on carbon-bound organic-molecules ethical or necessary? How far can art go caring for living organisms and using them at the same time as artistic materials? What are the implications of this and how does this look? In this project, Daniela Brill Estrada explored carbon as the chemical element capable of binding complex molecules, and therefore life. Following her previous research, she explored ways of perceiving carbon-based alliances, reactions and coexistence, through experimental drawings of carbon-based-ink, water and paper.

Using water from the river and from the sea, containing millions of different micro-organisms and life-forms, regards them as agents that co-create the drawings and the result is an aesthetic outcome of the coexistence and collaboration of the different materials. The transformation of the water-organisms into different types of life-forms growing from the drawing explores the complexity of life-to-death atomic mutation. The different ethical and elements of care are explored throughout the different stages of the project.