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Kami, the embodiment of vegetal thoughts

A work by Alan Tod.

Kami, the embodiment of Vegetal Thoughts is a series of artworks developed over several years in different periods of Alan Tod’s artistic residencies at Cultivamos Cultura. They are embodiments of the concept of forest-art, as a critic of the complex relationship between nature and society, conveying holistic approaches to sustainability and public health through bio-sculptures.
Each artwork explores different biotechniques with the expectation of a positive impact on the environment. The forest-art practice produces fertile soils as organic installation, in order to restore the life of devastated areas. It produces alive stories, direct action and new laws for forest to give new sort of protection for wild spaces.

The Forest-art aesthetic opens new state of mind where the discovery of plant’s intelligence is challenging our perception of reality, beauty and life. It considers plant’s behavior and develops direct collaboration with it to produce common knowledge and inter-species art. The project is about transcending the Forest’s message in art, as much as it is transcending the art’s message in forest.